Calling All Storytellers

Are you a storyteller? If you’re not sure, I can tell you with all certainty that the answer is yes!

Storytelling is the key to life. It helps us create the lives we envision and helps us connect to our community in our businesses. And we all have a story (or two or three) to tell and there are people silently begging to hear them.

I’m an Indie Publishing Strategist by day. Mystery writer by night.

I am Elisabeth and I am a Storyteller.

Do you have a story inside but don’t know where to begin writing it? Do you have a finished book but don’t know anything about editing, book covers or publishing? Do you have a book out in the world but no one is buying it? I want to help you.

Grab a complimentary Meet & Greet session so we can talk about your story and how I can help you.

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